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A Free 3-Volume Set of Flipbooks To Celebrate Grandparents Day, 2021!

This Grandparents Day, make sure the elder loved ones in your life are practicing good data security and privacy behaviors. To help you with this, we created a set of free flipbooks for you to give to your grandparents…and other loved ones and friends in your life…to help them to better secure their personal data and better protect their privacy. Click here to see, download and share them!

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Work From Home Security and Privacy

HIPAA for Business Associates Overview

HIPAA Privacy Rule Overview

HIPAA Security Rule Overview

HIPAA Enforcement Summary for Q3 2020

HIPAA Enforcement Summary for Q4 2020

HIPAA Enforcement Summary for Q1 2021

HIPAA Enforcement Summary for Q2 2021

HIPAA PHI Use: Overview of When to Protect PHI, and Acceptable PHI Uses

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HIPAA Basics: CEs, BAs, and PHI

HIPAA Basics: Noncompliance Penalties

HIPAA Security Rule Basics

HIPAA Privacy Rule Basics

HIPAA For Business Associates

Call Center Security and Privacy


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