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This class explains HIPAA issues in ways all our workers understand. And we loved the real-life examples!

This is one of many positive comments about our new online class, “HIPAA Basics for Business Associates 2022 Edition’”

Broad misunderstanding of U.S. health data regulation HIPAA rights and requirements has been a long-standing issue that has led to many non-compliance penalties against HIPAA covered entities (CEs) and their business associates (BAs). Yet, pandemic-related circumstances, such as asking about vaccination status or requiring participation in screening activities, have exasperated the problem. The widespread sharing online of incorrect information about these issues by those with influence and power has made HIPAA compliance even more complicated for CEs and BAs than it is.

To alleviate mounting confusion, Privacy & Security Brainiacs (PSB) offers a 34-minute virtual training course for HIPAA CEs, BAs and their subcontractors. The course includes coverage of both temporary HIPAA requirements that are still in effect, as well as proposed permanent HIPAA rules. It also covers common BA misconceptions and HIPAA compliance errors.

HIPAA compliance complaints, breaches, and penalties have steadily increased since 2008 with a major rise in HIPAA violation penalties in 2020. The troubling truth is most CEs and BAs do not fully understand their HIPAA responsibilities. Employees rarely know what they are responsible for as it pertains to daily job activities required under HIPAA. This lack of awareness leaves organizations at greater risk of HIPAA noncompliance, security incidents, privacy breaches, huge fines and penalties, bad press, and in some cases, business closure.

HIPAA Basics for Business Associates 2022 Edition, aims to provide employees with the information they need to know to avoid these risks, while also meeting HIPAA training requirements.

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